Corona Quay

0 Gauge Model Railway 1960s Period

Corona Quay is a river estuary quay located somewhere on the UK South Coast. So named because the layout was built during the 2020 Corona Virus pandemic. It is principally a shunting layout for goods trains. The layout can be operated from either side; as a consequence no back scene is provided.

The project had two distinct phases. During 2019 I designed from plans and kit built 8 wagons and a Class 33 locomotive using CAD and my 3D printer. These joined a purchased Dapol r-t-r Terrier locomotive.

In January 2020 the layout construction began, inspired by the wonderful Arun Quay seen at exhibition. Arun Quay demonstrated that an authentic looking 0 gauge layout with operational potential could be built in a relatively small space of about 7 feet (plus fiddle yard). My approach to scratch build nearly everything minimised cost for what can be an expensive gauge to model when using r-t-r items.

The scenic part of the layout is built on two portable baseboards 1.2m long and 0.4m wide. Each end connects to an open frame fiddle yard with cassette storage for trains. However, only the fiddle yard at the transshipment shed end is needed for operation with the other only used to work the entire branch line. The key to operational variety is the passing loop in the centre of the quay as this enables a locomotive to be run around its train for shunting duties.

Analogue control is used and two sidings have isolation switches so that a train can be held whilst another is run. The Class 33 conveys wagons to and from the quay whilst the Terrier is used for shunting.

Construction timeline and methods are presented on my Blog. Here for wagons, here for the Class 33 and here for the layout.

Class 33 D6504

Class 33 D6504 with goods train approaches Corona Quay.

Class 33 D6504 with hut load

A ground worker watches Class 33 D6504 enter the quay with its concrete hut load.

concrete linesid huts on wagon

The huts arrived but the crane to hoist them into position is late. One ground worker with newspaper retires to his wheelbarrow to while away the time whilst the other paces about staring into the distance for the crane.

Class A1X Terrier locomotive

Class A1X 'Terrier' 32661 sets off for shunting duties on the quay.

Class A1X Terrier with wagons

Class A1X 'Terrier' 32661 pulls wagons from the transshipment shed.

transshipment shed

Transshipment shed viewed from the deck of a boat.

Class 33 D6504 with goods train

Class 33 D6504 leaves with its goods train.

Class A1X 'Terrier' 32661 with chlorine tank wagon

Class A1X 'Terrier' 32661 delivers an ICI chlorine tank to Hillson paper mill.

ici chlorine tank wagon

ICI chlorine tank seen from the deck of a boat.

mc boaty marine engineers workshop

Mc Boaty Marine Engineers workshop.

Class A container and crane

Awaiting unloading a Class A container.

vic 24 Advance puffer

VIC 24 'Advance' Puffer moored at the quay.

vic 24 Advance puffer and sheeted wagon

View of the Puffer from the quay.

lifebouy box

Lifebouy box identifies the location.

vic 24 Advance puffer moored

VIC 24 'Advance' Puffer now in private ownership having served its time with the Royal Navy.

night scene at corona quay

Night Scene.

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track plan