Escapism? True, the hobby can be totally absorbing allowing day to day worries to be set aside for a while. However, for those of us who attempt to capture life in miniature there is a greater impetus. You see, railway modelling is also a craft that fulfills the creative needs of the soul.

This web site gives me the opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences of the hobby with those who have an interest in modelling British Railways Southern Region in the south and west of England.

We'll look inside this great hobby to discover why we do it, how we do it and the added pleasure gained from learning about real railway history as we endeavour to create their ambiance in miniature. If you are not doing it yet my hope is that you'll be inspired to join in.

There is more to see in my blog, which is frequently updated with modelling techniques, tips and general chit chat.

In 2008 I devised the 4Ps of Railway Modelling. As you browse this site you should notice they are a recurring theme.

David Smith

Preparation (Research & Planning)

book, photos and drawing

Practice (Technical & Creative Skills)

spraying scenery

Preside (Schedule & Control)

train roster

Play (Imagination & Fun)

class 4mt locomotive

A Model Railway

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David Smith

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Class 117 approaches Misterton from the west.

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