4 mm:1 ft Scale (00 Gauge)  model railway buildings in .pdf file kit form for you to print, cut out, paste onto board and assemble into a robust model. 

Some notable features of the kits:

  1. Designs based upon real architecture.
  2. Décor is mostly derived from photographs of real building materials.
  3. 3 dimensional relief is designed into the kits, where practical.
  4. Interior decoration is provided, unless stated otherwise.
  5. Edges and corners are decorated, where practical.

Each kit is rated for the required skill level:

  • BEGINNER: You have not crafted anything since school days. You are reasonably dexterous.
  • INTERMEDIATE: You have assembled a few plastic or card kits before, are adept at using craft tools and are ready for the next challenge.
  • ADVANCED: You have a lot of practical experience in model making, are confident in handling small parts and complex shapes and have the patience of a saint.

Model Kits are a .pdf data file delivered by email. You'll need Adobe Reader to open the file, available free from www.adobe.com.

Your payment transaction is handled securely via the PayPal wesite.

You can pay with credit/debit card or from your PayPal account. You do not need to be a member of PayPal to purchase with credit/debit card via PayPal.

Build Material kits and Pre-assembled Models are also available.


LSWR Type 1 Signal Box

Price: £4.50

LSWR Type 4 Signal Box

Price: £4.50

LB&SCR Signal Box

BR(S) and LB&SCR livery versions.

Price: £4.50

SR Type 13 Signal Box


Signal Box Interior

Price: £2.00

Country Station

Price: £10

Small Station Building/Goods Store

Price: £3.00

LSWR Platform Shelter

Available in Ham Stone, Brick or Wood finishes
Price: £4.00

LSWR Engine Shed


Large LSWR Water Tower

Price: £4.50

Small LSWR Water Tower

Price: £3.00

Coal Stage & Pit

Two Coal Stage versions included.
Price: £3.00

LSWR Goods Shed

Price: £5.00

Coal & Timber Office

Includes expandable coal staithes.

Price: £4.50

Weighbridge Office

Includes weighbridge & barrier

Price: £4.50

Crossing Keeper's Cottage

Includes road signs

Price £4.50

BR(S) Platelayers Hut

Free Tool Hut option.

Price: £2.00

BR(S) Tool Hut

Price: Free

Victorian House

Price: £5.00

Suburban Garage

Price: £2.00

Track Mat

Price: £5.00