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Small Station Building - Card Kit

Administrator's Note: The standard card kit was customised by the purchaser.

I've just finished building my model of Cliddesden, based on your kit, although having started to emboss the wall surface as per instructions I decided instead to try and make my own corrugated iron cladding from foil, using it to overlay your wall templates. I also made my own windows and added separate rainwater pipes. It's a lovely little building, full of character and I'm delighted with it. It will look great on the light railway model I'm currently building.

PK, Lancashire, UK

platelayers hut

BR(S) Platelayers Hut - Card Kit

"The kit went together really nicely without any fettling. I found the instructions easy to follow with good explanations. I used Daler board to build the model as I didn't have any 0.75 mm grey board. This actually turned out really well as the corner wraps were the perfect size. despite the board being a lot thicker"

AH, Surrey UK.

Country Station & Goods Shed - Card Kits

"The last two kits I had (Goods Shed and Country Station) look great! "

SB, Cornwall, UK

lswr goods shed

LSWR No. 1 Goods Shed - Assembled Model

"I have now unpacked the goods shed and I am delighted with it."

MF, Gwynedd, UK

victorian house

Victorian House - Assembled Model

"The Victorian House is a magnificent structure, sturdily built and looks great on my layout. The detail in the building is very good and although there are some very delicate parts it was very well packed and protected and arrived completely intact and undamaged. I'm very pleased with it. Thank you."

GK, Sheffield, UK