Track Mat

The mat is not a play mat. It is a template that is to be glued to the baseboard as the foundation for track laying and scenery construction. The mat comprises 16 x A4 tiles in full colour for a baseboard measuring exactly 2.376 m x 0.42 m plus fiddle yard for holding stock and making up train combinations to run in and out of the scenic layout. The station is a fictitious country branch line terminus located somewhere on the British Rail Southern network.

The station is designed to accommodate card kit buildings available from the A Model Railway card kit shop. The mat shows locations for these, track work and other essential scenic items. The modeller is free to expand on this by adding station and line side furniture such as telegraph poles and lamps etc.The modeller must design, build and connect a fiddle yard.

Instructions in use of the mat are provided.

track mat

Printing Considerations

The graphic of each tile extends to the edge of the paper. If your printer does not print to the edge of the paper but leaves a plain border this is acceptable. Do not cut off the border. Use a print preview to check the graphic size against that in the .pdf file and scale using your printer settings, if necessary. The border will hide part of the graphic. Do not overlap the tiles. Butt them together when fixing to the baseboard.

If your printer produces a slightly reduced graphic size, because of borders, this may be acceptable if you take care to set the station platform width such that trains do not interfere with it.

Print the tiles in ‘draft’ mode to save on printer ink.

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Track Mat Tiles

16 x A4 tiles for 2.376 m x 0.42 m baseboard

Populated Mat

populated track mat
Photo shoot May 2019

Slide Show

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