Southern PW Hut (Abandoned)

BR(S) Platelayers Hut

Introduced about 1946 and extant today across the south of England, albeit mostly abandoned and vandalised. This model is a replica of an abandoned hut on the London to Southampton line.

The finish is weathered concrete showing an orange lichen growth near the chimney. The window glass and door is missing and grafitti adorns inside and out, just as the prototype.

Footprint: 49 mm x 35 mm.

Required Skill Level: INTERMEDIATE (Please see Home page for definition)

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BR(S) Platelayers Hut

Delivered as a .pdf data file.

When your payment has cleared at PayPal you will be shown the assembly instructions to download. The kit .pdf file will be delivered separately to your PayPal registered email address within 24 hours of cleared payment.

Our Build Materials Kit contains sticky backed paper and board, or you can supply your own materials. Complete material requirements are listed below.

DIY Material List (without tool hut)

  1. Southern (BR) Platelayers Hut Kit  (.pdf file)
  2. 1 x A4 Sticky Back 1 Label Sheet (Recommended). Otherwise, 1 x 80g/m2 A4 Copier/Ink Jet White Paper and Paper Glue Stick.
  3. 1 x 0.75mm A4 Grey Board *
  4. Quick Drying PVA glue. (For grey board butt joints)
  5. Fine Grade Sandpaper
  6. Artist Fixer Spray - To protect from potential ink runs due to moisture ingress if using water based ink.

* Grey Board is a thicker form of cardboard, usually made from recycled material. Available from eBay.

See BR(S) Tool Hut for its material requirements.

Tool List

  1. Scalpel with either spare blades or, sharpening stone
  2. Scissors
  3. Tweezers
  4. Cutting Mat or Thick Card
  5. Metal mm rule
  6. Magnifying Glass

The Prototype

On which this model is based.

water tower features